About SMP iFit®(06/04)

It's all thanks to you, our product "SMP iFit®" has received inquiries and orders from many customers in Japan and overseas.

Our "SMP iFit®" is gradually expanding its applications and has many development projects.

We will be bring the future wonderful materials.

Updated Message From CEO(04/01)

We updated Message From CEO.

Please visit the above mentioned webpage.

Registration of "SMP iFit®" related patent in the US(02/26)

Our company has been conducting business for the purpose of providing unique and discriminatory technology, and not only the polyurethane-based SMP but the silicone-based "SMP iFit®" has joined the ranks.

It is the world's first silicone(silicon rubber) material that fits the human body.

We are trying to further develop our business worldwide by utilizing this patent.

Patent No. : US 10,954,386

You can download the document from here.

Introducing application examples using our materials(02/19)

This is an example of using welfare food appliances manufactured our shape memory polymer.




Thank you for your inquiries(10/01)

We receive many inquiries from our website.

The number of inquiries by year (total in domestics and overseas) is as follows;

2020 (until the end of September): 148 cases

2019: 233 cases

2018: 218 cases

If you have any questions and/or requirements arise, please feel free to contact us.

With million thanks,