Thank you for your inquiries(20/10/01)

We receive many inquiries from our website.

The number of inquiries by year (total in domestics and overseas) is as follows;

2020 (until the end of September): 148 cases

2019: 233 cases

2018: 218 cases

If you have any questions and/or requirements arise, please feel free to contact us.

With million thanks,

Our proposal was adopted by our Government, named Support Industry project(20/08/14)

The theme is "Development of an innovative ear-tip that makes hearing aid wearing comfortable with body-friendly silicone (SMP iFit)".

Several proposals for obtaining public funds centered on SMP-related technology developed by our company have been adopted in the past, but this is the first time that our own proposal has been adopted.

Notice on Appointment of Director(20/05/22)

At the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on May 22, 2020, the following new appointment of director was approved.

Director / Sales Manager

Shintaro Ogawa

Therefore, although it is a very small effort, we will do our utmost to develop the company's business and make every effort to meet your expectations.
Thank you for your continued guidance and support.

Updated Greeting From CEO(20/05/12)

We updated Greeting From CEO.

Please visit the above mentioned webpage.

Shape Memory Mask for the first time in the world !(20/04/09)

Covid-19 is spread all over the world and you need a face-fitting mask.

A mask using our Shape Memory Polymer(SMP) is introduced at the following URL.

This mask is made of SMP filament for 3D printers.

It is a excellent goods that can be customized for individual to the shape according to your taste!

Since it can be washed, it is hygienic and can be used repeatedly.

We hope all of you and your families have been healthy.